Nathaniel Fitch Homestead

Snickers delivered some serious side eye in this photo from January 2021. Although the skies were blue, it was cold AF on this winter walk through our previous town of Bedford, Mass.

But we wanted to capture as many historic homes as we could, the Nathaniel Fitch homestead included. The house could have been built anytime between 1697 (according to the assessor’s office) and 1775 (according to a town historian). Little is known about Fitch, other than he was born in 1755.

The house changed hands over the years, and a soap business was alive in a shop on the property around 1900. In more recent decades, the shop was known as The Pink Candle Shop.

In 1911, artist Wallace Heard Goldsmith Sr. bough the house and had it restored five years later. He lived here until 1945.

Source: Bedford Historical Society.

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