Bush Cranston Kearns House

Built in 1910 in Woodland, California, this bungalow was erected for Henry and Zora Bush.

It was originally a dark shingled house with a second story dormer window, but a 1919 fire destroyed the upper story. The house was rebuilt with a stucco exterior ang gable roof.

Bush opened the Vogue department store downtown Woodland in 1903. The Vogue, which later became Breits) was one of the largest department stores in the Sacramento Valley for a long time.

Bush came from a prominent line of California pioneers. His grandfather, Dr. Jonathan P. Bush, had a popular street in San Francisco named after him. His father, E.R. Bush, was Yolo County’s first superior court Judge.

In 1941, the house was sold to Thomas Cranston, who for many years operated Cranston’s Hardware.

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