Pattullo House

Built in 1907 for Estella Pattullo and her husband, Charles, who was the founder, president and general manager of Oregon Mortgage Company in Spokane for 43 years.

According to Historic Spokane’s website, “the home was designed by the Ballard Plannary Company, a noted early 20th-century Spokane architectural firm, and was constructed by the Chamberlin Real Estate & Improvement Company.  The April 1907 cover of Chamberlin’s promotional publication, “Spokane’s Home Builders,” featured an artist’s rendering of the house.  Pictured in the Ballard Plannary Company’s c. 1910-11 house plan book “The Modern Bungalow,” a photograph of the house was underscored with a caption that described the home as “strictly California in design,” and professed the beautiful residence was admired by scores of people.”

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