Gay Head Light

Established in 1799, Gay Head Light, also known as Aquinnah Light, was the first lighthouse constructed on Martha’s Vineyard island in Massachusetts.

It “guided mariners past Devil’s Bridge rocks, a dangerous ledge reaching out from the cliffs along the south shore of the island, and through the entrance to Vineyard Sound,” according to the National Parks Service website.

“Standing atop the National Natural Landmark Gay Head Cliffs, the lighthouse serves as a beacon to Wampanoag tribal heritage and is the only lighthouse with a history of Native American Lighthouse keepers,” says the National Trust for Historic Places website,

It is located on the Aquinnah Cliffs, which have eroded over the years. The lighthouse has been moved in order to save it, the most recent time being in 2015 — a move that bought it an estimated extra 150 years.

It was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1987.

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