Hackett House

Come for the pretty golden trim of the Hackett House, but stay for the interesting story behind its original owner.

Built in 1889, this Napa, California cottage was built for newspaper publisher and editor, Dwight L. Hackett and his wife, Mollie. Architect Luther Turton designed it.

Dwight Hackett was the publisher and editor at the Napa County Reporter, establishing a Democratic editorial policy for the paper. His rival was G.M. Francis, publisher and editor of the Republican-skewing Napa Register.

The same year this house was built, Dwight Hackett disappeared after suffering incredible financial setbacks. He eventually resurfaced, quite disoriented, in St. Louis and was then institutionalized.

Although he eventually returned to Napa, his paper closed in 1890. It was replaced by the Napa Daily Journal, which enjoyed about a 30-year run. Today, the Napa Register is the lone surviving newspaper in the town.

In 1901, the Hacketts sold the house to Arthur H. Shepard, who was the assistant postmaster in Napa.

It was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1984.

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