Veteran’s Building

Built in 1923, this building in downtown Placerville, California was originally home to the Old American Legion.

According to the signage outside:

“In 1852, Phillip L. Platt preempted a 1/2 quarter section here. He erected a log building for the lodging of miners. He named his hotel Kossuth House. Dr. Platt died in 1853, His widow sold the property to Anna W. Clark for $200 in 1856. She was still the owner on record on the town site map if 1872.

In 1923, the County of El Dorado purchased the property from Marcus P. Bennett, a very notable and highly respected superior court judge for the sum of $1100. The property was purchased by the county to erect a building to serve as the American Legion Hall for Post No. 119.

The El Dorado County Chamber of Commerce occupied the building beginning in 1972 after the Legion had moved to the Veterans Memorial Hall.”

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