Top Gun House

For the past week, we’ve been traveling down the California coast for spring break. And by “we,” I mean my humans. I was at the petsitter’s.

Anyhoo, when they made it to Oceanside, they came across a random Victorian house plopped right in the middle of a new resort development. My mom went and looked it up, and discovered it’s been in the movies.

Built in 1887, it was constructed for Dr. Henry Graves, a Riverside resident who spent summers at this oceanfront cottage. It was later sold to Charles Burlock in 1905, and then to Angeline Morgan, who lived here for 40 years, according to the Oceanside Historical Society.

In 1985, Paramount Pictures rented it for two weeks and used it as as the home of Charlie (Kelly McGinnis) at Top Gun. The 1986 movie is the one that made Tom Cruise an A-lister.

According to the, the house — one of the oldest in Oceanside — is being renovated into a dessert bar named Charlies, after its owner in the film.

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