Edward G. Manasse House

We recently featured the amazing Emmanuel Manasse mansion in Napa, California, telling the tale of its owner, who was a successful tanner.

His son, Edward G. Manasse, followed in his dad’s footsteps. After becoming an officer in the Sawyer Tannery, Edward had this house built in 1905, and lived here until his 1944 death.

The younger Manasse had a leading role in operating the tannery and engineered its expansion. He started work at the tannery in 1890, receiving a promotion to superintendent a few years later.

He remained in charge of day-to-day operations for 40 years. After the death of his father in 1899, Manasse became the company’s treasurer and CFO, positions he retained until his death. He also served as president and vice-president at certain times and was known as an efficient and respected administrator.

Manasse left the business to his sons, but made them start at low posts and work their way up. His son, Robert, was the only one to achieve a big leadership job (superintendent) by 1943.

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