This Colonial Revival home was built for William E. Mixon in 1906.

In 1911, Mixon married registered nurse Kathleen McConnell, who founded the Woodland Sanitarium in 1911. It preceded the Woodland Clinic Hospital.

Mixon and his father, J.C. Mixon, were in the contracting business. Later, the younger Mixon became the editor and publisher of The Mail of Woodland, a daily morning newspaper.

He published the Mail until 1924, when he sold it to Eugene Stowe. It was later sold to Leake Publishing in 1934 and became a weekly paper.

Mixon served on the Board of Trustees (City Council) from 1921-1923.

The house was sold to Charles and Sarah Eddy. Well-known in the Yolo County agriculture business, Charles was a grain buyer. They owned the house until 1940 when it was sold to Harvey and Grace Bender.

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