Capt. George Pinkham House

Located in Napa, California, this house was built in 1885 for Capt. George Pinkham, one of Napa’s foremost steamboat owners and warehouse managers during the last half of the 19th century.

His house is one of the few remaining buildings with ties to the city’s maritime history, and was located a block from the Napa River and Pinkham’s dock and warehouse.

The Napa River served as link to distant markets from the town’s settlement in 1848 until the 1920s. Riverboats were once the city’s only means to transporting produce to San Francisco, goods of all kinds to Napa, as well as passengers.

A Maine native, Pinkham was born in 1835, arriving in Napa in 1857, where he initially became a steamboat operator. He owned numerous boats, and after years of work, he sold the business and retired in 1902. He lived in Napa until his death in 1914.

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