Folsom Historic Truss Bridge

Built in 1893 by the San Francisco Bridge Company, this truss bridge in Folsom, California offers beautiful views and a surprising history.

It was erected to replace the Elkon Toll Bridge, but in 1917, became defunct when the Rainbow Bridge was built next to it.

In 1930, the Folsom Truss bridge was dismantled and moved 300 miles away near Walker, California, as a replacement for its janky suspension bridge over the Klamath River in Siskayou County. The bridge served traffic there until the 1990s when the county decided to replace it.

By then, it was a historic bridge and Folsom jumped at the chance to get it back. They intended to use it as a cool pedestrian crossing, while embracing its original history in the town.

It was relocated back on to its original 1893 abutments, which were still in place some 70 years later. It reopened April 15, 2000 and remains a popular place to walk dogs, ride bikes, watch the sunset or just enjoy the beautiful water views.

The sign at each entrance, which we can assume was an original message to travelers says “$5 fine for driving over this bridge faster than a walk. $25 fine for driving more than 20 head of horses, 50 head of cattle, or 200 sheep, hogs or goats over this bridge at one time.”


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