Middlesex County Courthouse

We adore a pink building, and the former Middlesex County Courthouse in Concord, Mass., seemed like the perfect hue to celebrate Valentine’s Day.

Built in 1851, the Concord Courthouse has significant importance at state and local levels. While Concord never became the county seat of Middlesex County, court sessions were held here for nearly 200 years. They were first conducted in a meetinghouse, then, in 1721, in a combined courthouse/townhouse on the southwest side of the common.

It is thought that this building’s design was intended to echo its 1794-built predecessor, which burned down in 1849.

The 1794 courthouse was vital to Concord, being that it attracted prominent lawyers, judges and politicians to town, which in turn, created lots of traffic for hotels, taverns and businesses during the weeks court was in session.

The court sessions were treated as entertainment, often enticing people from outlying towns and farms. Food and drinks were sold in booths and pushcarts, performers put on shows and horse races were held. The carousing and rabblerousing sometimes landed people in the jail across the street!

Once the current building was erected, its use eventually gave way to other uses in addition to court rooms. Other early uses included antique displays, a dentist office, law offices, a furniture company, and the Christian Science Church of Concord.

By 1912, the entire upper floor was dedicated to the Central Middlesex District Court.

It is currently used as office space.

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