John and Eliza Stevens House

Yesterday, we had a lovely morning meeting up with some new friends in Sacramento. They showed us some super cute neighborhoods, and we took some pics at some sweet houses.

Built in 1883, this was the home of John and Eliza Stevens.

An early pioneer of Sacramento, John arrived with his family in 1855 via the Isthmus of Panama, working as a carpenter and teamster in the developing city. He went on to become president of the Pioneer Box Company, vice president of Friend and Terry Lumbar Company and served as Superintendent of Streets. He later rallied for sidewalks to be built in the Poverty Ridge neighborhood.

Eliza was president of the Sacramento Foundling Home. The couple had four children, who they raised in this home.

As of 2020, this lot was believed to be the largest pioneer-era parcel remaining in the central city and the oldest remaining home in Poverty Ridge.

According to a 2020 real estate listing, it has 4 bedrooms, 2.5 bathrooms and just over 2,700 square feet and close to half an acre of land. It sold that year for $1.45 million.

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