Geer-Chapman House

Boston express agent G.F. Geer had this house built in Concord, Mass., in 1870. But after he apparently failed in business, the house was sold at auction to Concord architect John H. Chapman.

Chapman married Lucy Fay Barrett in 1876, and possibly bought it for their marriage. Lucy’s father, J. Fay Barrett, lived here with the couple for several years.

Chapman, who studied architecture at Yale and the Royal Academy at Stuttgart, was instrumental in the way that Concord looked. He was likely the first true architect to live in Concord for a long time, and he designed many more buildings in the town than he is given credit for. He designed churches and schools, as well as large residences. His specialty was said to be “artistic country houses.”

Even so, he didn’t make many exterior changes to his own home. After huge success in the 1880s, Chapman’s health deteriorated and he moved to Virginia in 1893. He died two years later, and the house was sold to Charles F. Edgerton of Shirley, manufacturer of the President Suspender.

Edgerton, who lived here with his two children, made alterations to the house, likely adding the oriel windows and west exterior chimney, the east terrace and some Federal Revival touches.

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