First Placer County Hospital

Located in Auburn, California, this structure had loads of great info on a plaque outside, but you may be distracted by my teefies, so here’s what it says:

“This building first constructed in 1852, opened on September 22, 1855, as the first Placer County Hospital. In 1890, the building was badly damaged by fire. At the time, the upstairs was the residence and gallery of Dr. J. C. Hawver, also a spelunker and photographer, who, with W.E. Banbrock, another photographer in Jacobs’ Gallery, produced many of the early photos and postcards of Auburn and Placer County.

Placer County Hospital, which by then accepted private patients, was reestablished where the Auburn Town Center now stands and operated through 1974. J.M. Jacobs rebuilt, and the Jacobs family owned the building until 1957, and Placer County owned it until 2004, when it was purchased by the Old Town Auburn Preservation Society. The building is still listed on the National Register of Historic Places as the Jacobs House, and has a new life as a Gold Country Medical History Museum.”

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