Longton-Nathan House

Built in 1912, this home originally belonged to Thomas Longton Jr., president of Longton Produce Company, and his wife, Minnie.

In fact, long before Sacramento was dubbed “America’s Farm-to-Fork capital,” Longton was a produce dealer as far back as 1873, having previously worked for other area produce companies.

Longton died in 1918, but Minnie remained in the home until 1921. The couple had three sons: Albert, Clarence and Lester.

Charles P. Nathan was its next owner. Nathan was co-owner of Charles P. and Sons department store and the Bon Marche ladies furnishings store.

Both the house and its neighborhood is connected to the Better Homes in America campaign, which was chaired in the 1920s by then-Secretary of State and then-future U.S. President Herbert Hoover. The program promoted home ownership, modernization and beautification during the post-World War I era.

The Longton-Nathan house is on the Sacramento Register of Cultural and Historic Places.

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