Edward Howe Sr. House

Get ready for a two-fer, y’all! Today we’re featuring a dad’s home; and tomorrow, you’ll see the house of his son, who lived right next door.

Edward P. and Ella Howe had this Sacramento, California house built in 1884. The Italianate beauty features a fun upside down spade on its front door, purportedly a homage to Edward’s gambling affinity.

An Iowa native, Edward co-authored a grammar book with his father called “Howe’s Grammar,” which became one of the most widely-used ELA textbooks in 19th Century America.

The Howes had four children: One daughter, Ella; and three sons, Edward Page Jr., Samuel and William.

Ella studied soprano and lived in New York for years before returning to Sacramento.

Edward not only shared his name with his father, but also his occupation. He was a word nerd, too, and became an educator and administrator at the Howe’s private school. In 1890, he and his wife, Luella, built a house next to their parents (look for it tomorrow!), which is on the National Register of Historic Places.

Samuel and William studied law. Samuel became a senior partner in the firm Howe, Hibbitt and Johnson and also served as a Sacramento City Attorney. He eventually took ownership of this house, where he lived until his 1945 death.

This house is on the Sacramento Register of Historic and Cultural Resources.

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