Hahn Mansion

OK, who’s ready for a crazy little story out of Spokane, Washington?

The Wilbur-Hahn House is known for being a house of bad luck and haunting. Blood-curdling screams from the basement, doors slamming, windows opening and an woman’s figure appearing on the staircase are just some of the reported activity.

Built in 1913, its the original owners of the massive, tucked-away Craftsman were Ralston Wilbur and Sarah Smith. Wilbur was a partner and salesman with Hallide Machinery Company; Smith was the controlling stockholder for the lucrative Hecla Mining Company. Sadly, they divorced after three years of living in this incredible home.

It was owned by a pharmacist for five years before being sold in 1924 to Rudolph Hahn, who some publications have referred to as “the mad doctor of the South Hill.”

Hahn, an elderly physician, moved to Spokane from Chicago, divorced his wife and married a new women, Sylvia, who was 32 years his junior.

Hahn, a hardcore drinker, hosted lavish parties and blasted music from giant speakers that could be heard from miles around. After one night of hitting the sauce particularly hard, Hahn drove his car into his own swimming pool, which he later had filled with dirt to help prevent a second occurrence.

He renovated the house, adding secret tunnels and passageways. Hahn also had a side hustle performing electroshock therapy and illegal abortions for wealthy women, all of which took place in his basement.

With a penchant for wearing suits with bedroom slippers, Hahn also enjoyed his firearms, often shooting his weapons inside the house. He and Sylvia had a tumultuous relationship, and some say he sent bullets whizzing past her head on purpose just to scare her. The authorities were called to the house on multiple occasions.

Eventually, Sylvia committed suicide by shooting herself in the head in their bedroom, although many believed Hahn murdered her. He was indeed a suspect until forensic evidence proved she had pulled the trigger herself.

Shortly after Sylvia’s death, an Idaho woman died after Hahn terminated her pregnancy. In 1945, he was convicted of manslaughter and ordered by a judge to give up medicine. He sold the house and moved into some apartments downtown.

In August of that same year, he was found dead in his apartment with his own bayonet sunk deep into his chest. A salesman admitted to murdering Hahn, although the reasons for it depending on which accounts you read.

The Hahn Mansion was vacant during the 1960s and 1970s, and also functioned as a retirement home and apartments at some point. Both tenants and renovations workers have reported heavy paranormal activity there. Raise your hand if you’re surprised by this.

The five bedroom, four bathroom house has 6200+ square feet and sits on more than three acres of land. It is again a private residence. According to Spokane property records, it last sold in 1995 for $510,000.

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