Folsom Hotel

Ok, y’all, who’s ready for a haunted hotel story?

Built in 1885, this beauty is the Folsom Hotel, located on Historic Sutter Street in Folsom, California. And there are a handful of ghost stories to go with it.

The following information is from the Folsom Historical Society’s website:

Formerly the the New Western Hotel, it was owned by German immigrant Charles Zimmerman, and was the second Folsom inn owned by Zimmerman. The three-story structure had a shoe store, a butcher and saloon in addition to rooms for rent.

Legend has it that Zimmerman commissioned a silver-backed mirror from Germany’s Samuel Levitz, who installed the mirrors. He asked Zimmerman for a key to lock up after he was done, and while cutting the mirror, he sliced himself as well. He apparently tried to find help, but bled to death in the hotel and was discovered the next morning.

The mirror still hangs in the hotel… as does Levitz’ spirit.

After Guiseppe “Joe” Murer bought the hotel in the 1920s, he changed its name to the current moniker. Three decades later, the hotel was in trouble for prostitution, and a newspaper article from this time says a bar owner leasing space was responsible, not the owner.

One night, one of the women was killed after being pushed down the stairs, presumably by one of the Johns. You can still hear her screaming on the staircase.

An employee confirmed the hauntings in a 2005 story in The Folsom Telegraph.

“I can tell you that there are ghosts in there,” Anita Brown told the newspaper. “I used to clean the hotel and used to be in there a lot. There are places upstairs where you can tell there’s another presence there. It’s definitely a haunted hotel.

“From a personal experience, I can feel a presence or a coldness in the building, like in Room 4, there’s definitely something there,” she added.

Reba Poole, whose band, Captain and The Diva, played at the hotel, said she’s also had experiences. “I personally have seen some filmy presence. I don’t know if they were real or delusional, but … every now and then I’ll catch something out of the corner of my eye. Maybe it’s a light, but it feels like a presence,” Poole, a practicing witch, told the paper.

The hotel now functions as a restaurant and bar, serving smokehouse barbecue and adult bevvies. You can also bust a move to live music and DJs. Maybe you’ll even get a … spirited dance partner.

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