1,000 Steps

Widely regarded as one of the most haunted locations in Spokane, Washington, this staircase — also known as 1,000 Steps — is located at the Greenwood Cemetery, the city’s oldest burying site.

The origins of the staircase — which date back to the late 1890s — involve several stories, according to the Spokane Historical Society. One is that is was the original entrance to the cemetery, leading up to a second tier where high-society chaps and ladies would picnic and enjoy the sweeping views of mountains and downtown Spokane.

Another story alleges that the staircase led to a tunnel entrance. (A huge mausoleum sits atop the staircase, which may look like a bricked-over tunnel to some.) The third is that the Elks owned some of the land, and were responsible for building the staircase and the mausoleum. But the Elks went broke, and in the 1980s, they were forced to sell the bronze elk that used to sit upon the mausoleum.

It was around this time that the haunting allegedly began. It is said that ghosts guard the staircase, trying to prevent people from reaching the top. Many people claim to have felt unearthly presences while visiting the cemetery at night, while others have seen at least one greenish ghouls descending or floating down the steps.

It probably goes without saying there aren’t actually 1,000 steps. More like 60.

My mom made it safely up and down the creepy staircase on a beautiful fall day. While she didn’t see anything eerie, my mom was incredibly spooked when something light and tickly grazed her hand, however… it was just a bug. The only other scary part was how hard it was to climb over some of the missing stair parts in tight pair of jeans.

Still, would she return here at night? Hellz. To. The. No.

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