Bewitched Statue

This statue isn’t considered historic. It was only installed in Salem, Mass., in 2005.

However, there is a bit of history behind this “Bewitched” statue, which is right in the middle of downtown Salem.

Before its installation by TV Land, the 9-foot statue depicting Elizabeth Montgomery riding a broom was met with resistance from some local residents. They were upset, saying that this kitschy statue made light of the horrifying Salem Witch trials that went on in 1692, during which loads of people accused of witchcraft were rounded up; 19 of them hanged.

“We’re right near the courthouse where the people were tried for witchcraft and, also, quite near the holding cell,” Salem resident told NPR in a 2005 story on the subject. “And they went to their deaths, knowing that if they confessed to witchcraft, they would be spared their lives, chose to hang instead. And having a kitschy statue just seems to trivialize what these people went through.”

Bewitched filmed several episodes of the sitcom in Salem in 1970, which wound up bringing attention to the city and creating a tourism draw.

Despite the protests, the statue went in and has settled in as another part of Salem’s witchy culture.

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