The Burnham House

Dog alert! The Burnham family of Folsom, California, not only had a beautiful house, they had a pooch that they dressed and photographed, even way back in the day.

This beautiful home was built in 1891 for James H. Burnham, a Folsom druggist, Wells Fargo agent and insurance agent, and his family.

James followed after his father, James G. Burnham, who had a successful store on Sutter Street, which continued to flourish after he added a pharmacy.

The elder Burnham came to Folsom in 1855, and with his wife, Emma, had five children: James Henry, Henrietta, Mary Emma, Charles and Frederick Parker. Sadly, Mary died the following year, and Emma died in 1859.

The apple didn’t fall far from the tree, and James H. also became a druggist and took over the Assay office. He worked at Wells Fargo, too. He married Mary Abigail Clark and they had four children.

The Victorian beauty used to boast a lovely cupola, but that was destroyed by an electrical fire in 1975.

And… we can’t leave this post without discussing the Burnham family dog, who seemingly enjoyed posing for photos and even wore accessories. A dog before his time!

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