Cohn Mansion

We’ve shared this house before using Snickers on a Stick. But now that we’re in California, mom took me for my official photo in front of the stunning Cohn Mansion in Folsom, Calif., and during the golden hour no less.

In case you missed it the first time, we’ll reshare the history. But please take a minute to appreciate the incredible detail.

Behold the Cohn Mansion. The original part of the house, along with the barn out back, was built by Simon Cohn in the 1860s. But it was his son-in-law, Philip C. Cohn who is responsible for the house you see today.

Born in New York City, Philip Cohn (1854-1928) settled in Folsom in 1874, and, with Simon, owned a general store on Sutter Street. The store was a success, and Philip had this sprawling Queen Anne build adjacent to the original structures in the early 1890s.

Philip Cohn went on to become a state senator from 1913-1916.

The Cohn House was the scene of many gala social events, whose guests included many prominent Northern Californians, among them members of the famed San Francisco Bohemian Club. The home remained in the Cohn family until the 1960’s, completing a six generation span of Cohn residence in the home. Present owners, Glenn and Sharon Fait have owned the property since 1966.

Glenn Fait served as a city council member of Folsom from 1994-1998, and as its mayor from 1995-1997.

The Cohn Mansion was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1981.

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