Josiah Davis House

Josiah Davis built this building in Concord, Mass., and one next door, after purchasing both lots in 1819.

After his business ventures failed in 1837, the property was finally acquired by the Concord Bank in 1845. Joel Britton, a blacksmith who dabbled in real estate and also made loads of money providing wood ties for the Fitchburg Railroad, was its next owner. He built a huge residence just down the street.

Britton was responsible for the iron railing on the west side of the steps at the First Parish Church, which is marked with his name.

267 Main St. Concord

By 1848, Britton was unable to pay his debts, and this cottage was sold to Daniel Shattuck, who owned many properties in town center over the years. After 22 years, he sold it to Frederick Hudson, editor of the New York Herald during the Civil War. Hudson lived across the street and likely rented out this house.

His attorney son, Woodward, inherited the house and sold it to Prescott Keyes, a successful judge, who lived here with his wife, Alice, during the early years of their marriage. They made several alterations, including converting a shed into a kitchen and opening up fireplaces.

It was again rented out before being sold in 1929 to David Baldwin, who was a member of the first faculty of Middlesex School.

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