Alexander Marcellus Tucker House

Alexander Marcellus Tucker and his son, Arthur, were dry goods and fancy goods merchants.

The elder Tucker was born in Charlestown, Mass., in 1844 and moved to Lexington, Mass. in 1878.

He built this house in 1881, and unfortunately, in 1904, it was heavily damaged by fire. According to an article in the Lexington Minute-Man on the fire and its aftermath, the main interior of the house was damaged by fire, smoke and water, especially the upper stories. Most of the roof was destroyed, but the ell was mostly unscathed.

Six months later, the house had been rebuilt. Tucker’s daughter, Rose (b.1872) owned the death until her death in 1971.

Afterward, the house was purchased by Robert Cataldo, who removed the front porch, constructed a circular driveway and added a substantial wing.

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