Acton Woman’s Club

Once known as The Chapel, The Acton Woman’s Club is one of the more interesting buildings in Acton Centre for its use of brick and clapboards.

Built in 1829, it was originally an chapel for the Evangelical Society. Reverend James Trask Woodbury was called in 1832 to minister folks dismissed from the First Congregational Church, and the Evangelical Church of Acton was born.

The Chapel originally had two entrance doors in the gable-front facade. Around 1833, the Evangelical Church built a new meeting house, and the building became a two family home.

According to mid-19th century maps, Dr. Harris Cowdry and his heirs owned The Chapel.

In 1924, it was remodeled for the Acton Woman’s Club, which formed in 1915. (The club had been meeting in Dr. Cowdry’s house just down the street since 1920.) During remodeling, the main facade entrances were replaced with windows and entrances were added to the two sides, maintaining the consistency and symmetry.

The Woman’s Club is still functional today. Their mission statement include: maintaining and preserving its historic building; promoting friendship; encouraging social, benevolent and civic activities; and remaining non-political and non-partisan. Visit their website here.

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