John Chapman House

Y’all, we found a house that matches our gingery fur just perfectly. Behold the John Chapman House, built in 1770 in Ipswich, Mass.

Chapman was a “leather breeches maker,” the only one in the town, and he felt his business warranted building a spacious home.

Breeches were a standard item of 18th Century gentlemen’s clothing, and were basically like an early version of jogger pants, except made of leather, which sounds exceptionally hot and uncomfortable, but what do we know?

Anyhow, the breeches could either go to the ankle or stop at the knee. Buttons, draw-strings, straps, buckles or brooches were used to secure them around the legs. By the early 19th Century, pantaloons and trousers became the fashion-forward men’s leg coverings.

The John Chapman House has four bedrooms, three bathrooms, 3000+ square feet. It last sold in 2005 for $595,000.

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