Merriam-Vines House

So here’s a fun fact: Some of our closest friends used to live in the Merriam-Vines House in Lexington, Mass., before we knew them.

This 1750 home was originally located on Massachusetts Ave and belonged to Benjamin Merriam (1737-1806). Merriam served with the Lexington Minute Men during the American Revolution, and this house is one that was pillaged by the British on April 19, 1775.

Tradition says part of the house was burned, and Merriam’s losses were amongst some of the highest of that fateful day that began the Revolutionary War.

Later on, the original ceiling in the western apartment was discovered underneath a second one. The former had been painted with two coats, however, a bullet hole with soot was still visible.

The Viles family owned this house during the 19th century. In 1853, shoemaker and farmer Joel Viles lived here. By 1876 and 1889, farmer William Viles was its occupant.

The house was moved to its present location on Woburn Street in 1894 because Benjamin Tenney, husband of Mary Viles, had built a new house on Mass Ave.

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