LaForge Cottage

Guess what? We went on a mini-vacay in Newport, Rhode Island last and stayed in this beautiful inn!

Built in 1913, it was purchased by the LaForge family in 1920 and is known as LaForge Cottage before it became the dog-friendly and dog-themed Paws on Pelham inn.

Phillipe LaForge was a native of France who married Maddalena Fantini of Newport. In 1889, they started the LaForge Cottages on a corner house up the street and later expanded into several cottages, including this house, as well as a restaurant.

For many years, summer renters and naval officers stayed at the cottages. After Philippe’s 1929 death, Maddalena continued to operate the cottages. She died in 1960 and the house was purchased by Louis and Margot Droul.

LaForge Cottage is a late example of Newport boarding houses, which were numerous as it transformed from a colonial town to a posh summer resort town.

It has a second floor balcony that allows you to peer over to the water — such a feature is unusual for Newport buildings.

As we mentioned, the house now serves as a B&B for people and their pets, and we cannot recommend it highly enough. All the rooms are different. Our featured darling dog wall paper, dog tail towel racks and leash holders, as well as a Murphy (dog) bed that folds down out of the wall. Click on the link above to see the cute rooms!

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