Rogers-Russell Double House

The Rogers-Russell House was built in 1875 as a double house for Arthur S. Rogers, treasurer of the Atlantic Car Company, and Benjamin W. Russell, a teller at the Salem National Bank.

Rogers and his family resided on their side through 1897. By 1910, the property had been sold to Ephriam A. Dane, and his widow remained here until 1930. Two decades later, it belonged to Mrs. Mildred MacDougall, who rented out furnished rooms.

According to directory listings, the adjoining unit was occupied by Benjamin W. Russell through 1910, but by 1930, the property may have been vacant. Although Russell was listed in the directories, the 1897 map shows S. A. Silver as its owner.

It’s unclear whether Silver purchased the property from Russell, who remained as a tenant.

The 1911 map shows two owners: Woodbury & W. Perry Jr. A student lived here in 1950 and by 1970, the entire property had been converted into apartments. One side had eight apartments, the other had 10.

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