Theodora Robinson’s Kindergarten

The last thing I’d dream of doing in this grand home is letting a bunch of five-year-olds run rampant. But guess what? This 1900-built Beaux Arts beauty in Lexington, Mass., was originally created as a kindergarten for Theodora Robinson.

Its early success made it into the Lexington Minute-man on Oct. 15, 1904: “The Forest street kindergarten has completed the second week of the fall term. An attractive group of young children are under Miss Theodora Robinson’s care and training, relieving parents of no little care and responsibility in starting them in the path of discipline and learning.”

In 1911, Robinson’s daughter, also Theodora Robinson (born 1875), married Rev. George Ballard, who was rector at the Church of Our Redeemer. The “Kindergarten Hall” was also used by the Christian Science church as early as 1906.

The building was renovated by architect Willard Brown and dedicated in 1918 to First Church of Christ Scientist. Changes included replacing shingles with stucco, fancying up the front with the giant arch and columns, adding leather-covered doors into the foyer, and loads more.

Other additions and alterations took place in 1955.

According to town records, it appears it was converted into a residence around 2004, and it remains so today. The house has nearly 6,000 square feet, four bedrooms, three bathrooms and two half-bathrooms. It last sold in 2005 for $1.1 million dollars and is currently assessed at $2.65 million.

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