Goddard-Lawrence House

The Goddard-Lawrence house in Lexington, Mass., appears to date to the 1870s.

An 1875 map shows a house on the site owned by A.A. Goddard, while the 1880 Census lists Melvina Goddard, a dressmaker, as living in the house. Alonzo Goddard died in March 1886.

The 1889 map shows the house as being owned by L. Lawrence. Lyman Lawrence came to Lexington in 1866, and worked as a hardware merchant.

A brief note in the Feb. 19, 1899 edition of Lexington Minute-man mentioned that A.C. Washburn planned to remodel the house owned by Lyman Lawrence on Muzzey Street and “materially change the appearance and arrangement of the building.”

Lawrence still lived here in 1920 with his son Herbert and daughter Flora. Herbert and Flora were still residents in 1930.

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