Brackett House

Happy #Won’tLookWednesday from the Herbert Brackett House in Reading, Mass. Built in 1929, it is the finest example of bungalow architecture in the town.

“This bungalow represents the type of infill being built on the old homesteads as they were opened up for development, and as the need for housing burgeoned in the early years of the 20th century,” says its nomination for the National Register of Historic Places, on which it was added in 1984.

“It sits close to the ground, appearing behind its screen of evergreen trees as a cool retreat. A three-sided porch supported by large stuccoed columns summarizes its intent: One side is screened for healthy indoor living; another is roofed over for a welcoming entrance; and a third is unroofed to create a pergola effect on the south, admitting sunshine into the interior. Exposed rafter ends suggest the construction: man-crafter, rather than machine-made is their message.”

Brackett was a merchant, and his wife, Eva, was a homemaker.

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