Governor’s Mansion

This Victorian beauty in Sacramento, California was built in 1877 for hardware merchant Albert Gallatin.

A decade later, he sold it to businessman Joseph Steffens, father of Lincoln Steffens, an early investigative journalist known for unearthing corruption in American governments.

The state eventually acquired the mansard-style house, and it became the first official governor’s residence, first housing Governor George C. Pardee and his family in 1903.

It was home to 13 governors over a span of 64 years. Since 1967, it has been managed by California State Parks as the Governor’s Mansion State Historic Park. The house was not occupied by governors between 1967-2015, and as of 2019, has been unoccupied again.

The three-story, 30 room mansion still has many furnishings from former governors, including Pardee’s Steinway piano, velvet chairs, and sofas that belonged to Hiram Johnson and Persian rugs bought by Earl Warren’s wife.

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