Quincy Cole House

The Quincy Cole House was one of the first houses built on Fletcher Street in Bedford, Mass.

Provisions dealer George H. Jackson bought this parcel in 1887 from Mary Fletcher, who owned much of the land in this area at the time.

Before 1889, Jackson transferred the property to his sister, Alice Cole (born 1859), who was married to Quincy Cole (1855-1942). Quincy was listed in census records and directories as a stove dealer and tinsmith, and was often called “Tinny” Cole.

The eldest child of Lyman and Susannah Tufts Cole, Quincy worked at his dad’s sheet iron business, which was around the corner from his house. However, by 1910, he had his own plumbing business and he also ran the hardware store on Great Road for many years.

Quincy, Alice, their adult daughter Ida M. Willard, and a granddaughter lived here in 1930. Ida Willard was the manager of a food shop, while her parents were members of the Church of Christ in Bedford and the United Order of Golden Cross, a fraternal organization.

The house remained in the Cole family until 1942. Louis Smith, a civil engineer, lived here with his wife, Edith, in 1963. Edith Smith died in 1970, and Louis Smith sold the house in 1979.

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