Abe Lincoln’s Log Cabin

Located on the grounds of the Forbes House Museum in Milton, Mass., this replica of Abraham Lincoln’s log cabin was built in 1923.

Mary Bowditch Forbes was a big fan of Honest Abe and commissioned the project. Thomas Murdock built the structure after traveling to Hodgenville, Kentucky, to see the original cabin in which Abraham Lincoln was born.

He took measurements and inspected the house to ensure the replica was as accurate as possible. Forbes opened it regularly on Lincoln’s birthday and Memorial Day as “a place where young and old, rich and poor, and people of every diverging interest may meet as Americans in a common love of Abraham Lincoln.”

It was her intent “in building this cabin that visitors, and particularly the young, should here visualize Lincoln’s humble beginnings.”

“We do not know what furnishings were in the original cabin at the time of Lincoln’s birth, but records suggest that the Lincolns had a table, set of chairs, bureau, feather bed, clothespress, spinning wheel and loom in addition to basic kitchen equipment. The original cabin had a dirt floor; the window may have been covered in an oiled paper.”

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