Laurence Norton House

TLC Alert: This house needs some, but can you see how magnificent it could be with a thoughtful restoration?

Built in 1872 in Newton, Mass., this “Victorianized Italianate” home represents the transition between two architectural styles.

Named for its original owner, mail carrier Laurence Norton, it is located in the lovely Newton Highlands Historic District. The whole street is filled with cool homes from this time period, although this one is distinctive.

Our dream is to buy this house and give it some good old-fashioned lovin’. We can’t imagine how lovely it would be if it were fixed up. But even in this state, it is sadly 1000 percent out of our price range, likely being worth around $1.5 million.

It’s got seven bedrooms, four bathrooms and 4,600+ square feet — and so, so much potential.

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