Hannigan House

Located in the Historic Battle Green District of Lexington, Mass., the Hannigan house was built in 1900 by Abram C. Washburn.

Placido Amaru purchased it in 1924 and converted the carriage house into an apartment. His daughter Josephine Amaru Mirabelli lived here for several years after her marriage.

It is currently owned by John and Gillian Ross, who run gallery twist out of the home.

They offer about five art exhibitions per year, for about 4-5 weeks each. Every show features New England artists, and is spread throughout two floors of the 4,558 square foot home.

“Displaying art in a home means that in this way visitors can also imagine what it is like to live with great art around them and can envisage what a piece might look like in their own home or workspace,” the couple told the Boston Voyager. “It gives ideas for placement of work too. Of course, as the gallery is in our home, we hope our patrons feel especially welcome and comfortable when they visit.”

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