Thomas Dane House

Built in 1656 (!), the Thomas Dane House lies in a historic area of Concord, Mass. It was passed down through the family until the property was deeded to Jonathan Ball in 1742.

It changed hands a few other times, and in 1793, Dr. Joseph Hunt bought the place, eventually running an apothecary from the home. He lived there until his death in 1812, while his wife Lucy remained there until about 1836.

Mom accidentally dropped my treat bag somewhere, so my interest in posing for this walk was nil.

It was further owned by a grocer, a book and antique dealer, and served as a rental house.

In 1935, Newell and Louise Garfield bought the house. A grandson of President James Garfield, Newell served as a Major in World War I and worked as an industrial engineer for a Montreal textile company from the 1940s on.

Meanwhile, Louise ran a tweed shop out of the house. They lived there until their deaths, Newell in 1975 and Louise’s in 1983.

The five bedroom, four bathroom house has 3,974 square feet and still serves as a private residence.

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