Robbins Farm Park

So, this dog is kind of a big deal. I wish I were talking about myself, but alas, I mean this majestic canine who sits atop the hill at Robbins Farm Park in Arlington, Mass.

The sculpture is a replica of the original statue that stood guard outside Farmer Nathan Robbins mansion, which was located here from 1888-1942. In the distance, especially on a more clear day, you can clearly see the Boston skyline.

According to signage at the park, “The Robbins Family acquired this land in 1734. British soldiers tried to set their farmhouse on fire on April 19, 1775.

Nathan Robbins Jr. built the mansion in 1880. His grandson, Nathan, farmed here from 1910-1940. It was said he grew the sweetest corn around. Farmer Robbins, who looked the other way when children picked apples, wanted the farm to become a playground.

With his backing and the advocacy of the Heights Tower Association, the town acquired the land for a park in 1941. The mansion was torn down in 1947.”

See Boston? So cool!

The enormous park has lots of space, a huge hill for sledding, wonderful play structures and, of course, the dog sculpture, which children are constantly climbing on. But is best known by my human brother and sister for this enormous twin slide, which they spend hours riding in various positions.

Thank you Farmer Robbins! xoxo

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