Newton Gem

Strolling through Newton, Mass., last fall, we fell in love with this house on Columbus Street, so charming and lovely was its facade.

We were shocked to research later and find out the 1920 sweetie, located in the heart of the Newton Highlands historic district, was a whopping 3,831 square feet with five bedrooms and five bathrooms.

We admit, it was hard to see what the whole house looked like through the trees and private back area (we don’t want to get arrested for trespassing, after all), but we never would have guessed its internal size. It looks a lot smaller in person than it does in these photos.

From the leaves wrapping around the left corner, to the front chimney and inviting front door, to the adorable flower garden out front, its curb appeal is undeniable.

Turns out it was also recently on the market last August, selling for $1.915 million dollars. You can still see the interior photos here.

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