W.G. Rolfe House

As we walked through a historic neighborhood in Arlington, Mass., we passed the peachy keen W.G. Rolfe house, built in 1889.

Rolfe, a fruit merchant in North Boston, questioned “the wisdom of living so far from the center and at the very edge of the residential area,” according to the Massachusetts Cultural Resource Information System write up on the house.

The residence is an important example of its style and an impressive addition to the streetscape, says the article.

But we loved it, so we’ll tell you what we did find out. With 4,048 square feet, it’s got five bedrooms, 3.5 bathrooms and recently sold for $1.575 million in 2017.

The real estate listing still features photos of the home’s interior, and it is amazing. Check them out!


  1. I lived in that house from 1999-2005. We moved out in June of ‘05 when I was 12. The basement was kinda creepy to me, but otherwise, I have so many fond memories of that house.

    Basically the whole third floor was mine, except for one of the bedrooms which was my dad’s office. Come to find out later in my life, the third floor was the servants quarters. If the original hardwood is still on the first floor, go to the main dining room. You’ll see a hole in it where the “head of the table” would be. That was a button that the original owner (W.G. Rolph) would press with his foot, which then rang a buzzer on the third floor (which was STILL THERE when I was!!!) to summon the butlers! Such an interesting piece of history!

    I just turned 30. If I have one goal in life, it’s to get that house back and keep it in the family! I loved that place so much!


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