Darius Emerson/Felice Olivieri House

Built around 1870, the Darius Emerson house was erected in Newton, Mass., after replacing two smaller, preexisting properties in this space.

After Darius died, his son Charles, who lived in Vermont, inherited the house, but it doesn’t appear he ever lived here. The house was sold to Alexander Martin by trustees in 1925 following Charles’ death.

Martin divided what was then a huge property into sublots and sold them off.

The house ultimately ended up in the hands of Felice Olivieri, who, with his wife, Mary, owned a grocery store in Watertown. In 1930, the Italian immigrants had nine children (aged one to 15) living there, along with Felice’s parents and Mary’s father.

Seven daughters and two sons still lived there a decade later. Felice Jr. married, moved out and took over the grocery store.

After Felice died, the bank took over the home and sold it at public auction in 1941. It changed hands 10 times over the next 23 years.

In 1964, William and J.N. Paul Boyer bought the house and rented it out for 20 years.

The house was placed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1986, and is also commonly referred to the Felice Olivieri House.

It now serves as apartments.

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