Emerson-Franklin Poole House

Built around 1795 by Elias Emerson, the Emerson-Franklin Poole house is in Wakefield, Mass.

The house was sold to house painter, Timothy Poole, and in 1808, Franklin Poole was born there.

The younger Poole went on to become a prominent landscape painter, capturing historically important scenes around Wakefield.

The house’s interior also includes a three-wall mural by Rufus Porter. (Porter was an American painter in the early 1800s, an inventor and the founder of Scientific American magazine, which is still in print today.)

It has four bedrooms and two bathrooms, and last sold in 2013 for $398,000.

It was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1989.

A big truck was parked in front of the house, so this was the best pic we could get unfortunately.

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