Lake Quannapowitt Gazebo

Located near the shore of Lake Quannapowitt in Wakefield, Mass., this gazebo was built in 1885 in the town’s Lower Common.

The wood and granite structure was built for $2,500 (about $68,000 by 2020 standards) in conjunction with other beautification improvements to the recreational area that year.

Reminiscent of the Brighton Palace in England, with some dashes of Queen Anne details, it gets more impressive the closer you look.

The beloved bandstand has become a symbol of Wakefield, and is central to many events in town. (We unfortunately didn’t get a photo with the lake in the background because of where the sun was blazing at the time, but we can assure you, it’s a gorgeous view.)

A closer look at the bandstand,

Whether you have dogs or kids or both, this whole area is stellar place to visit and walk. The trail around the lake is 3.1 miles long and lined with flowers and gorgeous trees.

A playground is located on the Lower Common, and there’s another one on the opposite side of the lake.

A zoom in of Snickers getting ready to run in for his treat.

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