Lakers House

OK, so it’s not really called the Lakers House. But that’s what my 11-year-old human brother/basketball fan called it as we passed by, and he really wanted a picture of it because of the color scheme.

Turns out he has a good eye because when we came home and looked it up, it was actually listed on the National Register of Historic Places. While its exact construction date is unknown, the official historic name of the Wakefield, Mass., structure is the William F. Young house.

I was on this walk, but my furry dog face isn’t in these pics because we took them just for fun at the time.

What records do indicate as far as timing, is that the house was extensively remodeled with Italianate styling before 1870, likely by Young, who worked in Boston.

The multi-family home boasts 3575 square feet, seven bedrooms and 3.5 bathrooms. It faces Lake Quannapowitt, and last sold in 2007 for $845,000.

No word on whether they’ll change the colors to green and white. I mean, this is Celtics territory, after all.

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