Martha-Mary Chapel

Set atop a grassy knoll on the grounds of Longfellow’s Wayside Inn, the Martha-Mary Chapel was built in 1940 by industrialist Henry Ford, during the time he owned the inn (1923-1945).

The chapel was built mostly using trees that fell during a 1938 hurricane and was named after Ford’s mother and mother-in-law. At the time, Ford had an experimental Wayside Boy’s School and the young men from there constructed the nondenominational church.

I took a short break to show this giant stick who’s boss!

It features gorgeous stained glass windows, and a Waterford crystal chandelier hangs above the church pews. It is only open for weddings and other special events.

A gilded-banner weathervane sits atop the towering spire. The Red Stone Schoolhouse can be seen in the background.
A small graveyard lies between the chapel and the Red Stone Schoolhouse, the school to which Mary took her little lamb back in the day.

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