Lavender Love

This beauty in Wakefield, Mass., attracted us from a block away — we just had to get a closer look and take a picture.

When mom came home to research it, turns out it’s on the National Register for Historic Places. Maybe we’re getting a good eye for this! Ha. Anyway, it doesn’t have a special name, so we gave it our own.

The house was built about 1903, and its first long term owner was Edward Gleason, a respected landscape and portrait photographer. He had a studio in the house and also commuted to Boston.

The details on this house, and the loving care with which its obviously maintained, are just amazing. We are in love with the intricate woodwork and the color scheme.

Simply gorgeous.

We also loved its super cute, but subtle, Halloween decorations, which included a sign that said “Mummy’s Dead and Breakfast.”

The 2,500 square foot, 4 bedroom, 2.5 bathroom house last sold in 2007 for $715,000.

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